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SoFA Street Fair Reviews – Bay Bridged / Stubble MusicZine

Posted by on Sep 25, 2014

SoFA Street Fair Reviews –  Bay Bridged / Stubble MusicZine

First off. Shout out time! Gary Avila, Jimmy Arceneaux and Fil Maresca and all your volunteers. Without you guys SoFA would have just been a cool idea, instead it became a epic reality. We were so very honored to be part of this nostalgic and powerful afternoon on September 14th 2014. There was no violence, no stupidity, just great music, laughter, family and friends. Great times with amazing bands who did it all for the love of San Jose, CA! Stay tuned for SoFA Street Fair 2015 It was really great to see these two awesome publications reviewing the 2014 revival of the SoFA Street Fair! It was even cooler to see our name (880 South) mentioned in them as well. I kept telling the promoters and people who put so much hard work into making it happen that I wished it was happening every weekend. Seriously it was one of the better weekends of my music career. I mean we got to share a billing with Fishbone for the 4th time in our careers. We also got to see The Maids of Honor. I’m a huge fan.  It was even cooler to see local legends like Insolence, Salmon and Disorderly Conduct. With the exception of the disco strobe renovation in the Cactus Club which is now called Club Beso. It was pretty darn nostalgic. I even saw Calvin Trippet and Craig the Bartender who works at the Blank Club now (hey tip that guy good!) I felt like I was at Disneyland and I needed to get Mickey’s autograph. This weekend we will be posting all of the photos we collected from fans and friends who shared them with us! Stubble MusicZine is globally known for their grit and wit. I love seeing our name on there with the likes of G-Love, 311 and tons of awesome metal bands. This is the 2nd time we’ve met with Stubble, they really are the new growth in music. Check them out on Facebook & Twitter 880South get the crowd going with soul infused rock & reggae at C2SV SoFA Street Fair “Fans were treated to a sampling of 880South’s unique blend of soul infused rock & reggae with a surprise Floppy Rods track “Barrio” that got the crowd going, check out the video here. The SoFA Street Fair ended its celebrated 10-year run in 2001 but was brought back as part of...

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